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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Sad DeLoreans

Sad DeLoreans

Destroyed Deloreans

This section takes a look at some destroyed and critically in need of help DeLoreans. For those of you who are easily disturbed by wrecked and neglected DeLoreans, viewer discretion is advised.

Contemporary Christian April 1984


John was always in trouble. For the last year before his arrest, there were major complications. Each time he would manage to get over the hurdle, but then there would be another setback. He said to me, "See, the old devil is after my ass."

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"This car is not doing well. This car is a product of fire damage. The engine is removed, and the stainless steel on the doors were actually warped from the heat."

Car and Driver, October 1982


Although the enthusiast press has tended to knock the DeLorean's performance, it is not actually a problem for most of the cars' owners. They tend to be older, or not performance-minded. Their essential interest is in image; many swapped Eldorados and Tornados for their DMCs.

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"Here is a theft recovery DeLorean. Notice the ripped open steering wheel column. One more thing, check out the seats, that is not dirt, but actual mold, yuk!"

Contemporary Christian October 1984


God won't be fooled. He knows what's in your heart. God knew I (John DeLorean) was innocent, and I knew somehow His will would prevail, regardless of the magnitude of the enemy of their strength. And, truly, that's what happened.

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"Looks like the thief loosened up the center console a little to take the radio. Thanks to Rich, I was able to take photos of these cars. He will be bringing this car back to life one day hopefully!"

Road & Track, November. 1978


The company anticipates that about 80 percent of its cars will be marketed in the U.S., with the remainder being sold in Western Europe and Cananda. The DeLorean Motor Company will continue to be headquartered in the U.S., while a Northern Ireland subsidiary, DeLorean Ltd, will be responsible for assembly operations in Northern Ireland.

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"What a hideous looking engine. This engine has taken a little too much heat and a lot of neglect."

Popular Mechanics June 1981


Body maintenance is fairly easy. All you need is an Engis wheel, a round attachment on a drill with flaps of 200-grit sandpaper attached. Steel wool or any kind of abrasive which contains iron is not recommended because bits of iron will deposit themselves in the steel and create small brown spots.

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"Yeah, pretty nasty. The amount of neglect this theft recovery car has been though is quite sad."

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