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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Lotus Conversion

Lotus Conversion

Lotus Conversion

"Hi, my name is Robert, and this section covers my custom DeLorean. I decided to give my DMC the power it deserves by doing an engine swap with a 1997 Lotus Twin Turbo V8 engine. The Lotus Conversion section will show the finished result of the project, as well as the rest of my DMC, which has a plethora of customizations necessary to make the engine conversion successful."


Without the expertise of the following individuals, this project would've been tremendously more difficult and costly.

  • Gerald Turner: GST Performance (Lotus Cars), Newmarket, England
  • Greg Hollman: Owner Race Engineering Fabrication (REF Unlimited), Kingman, Arizona
  • Dan Nicolas: Master welder, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Tommy Voyles: Welder, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Johan Hybinette: Hybinette and Cebic Technologies (Extreme Esprit), Denver, Colorado
  • Jose Luna: Lotus Technician, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Jerry Rine: DeLorean Technician, Newark, Ohio
  • And last but not least, my support group:
  • Vic Sibila, Chris Reitz and Scott Gross

The pictures contained in this section are the sole property of Tamir's DeLorean Site, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

Lotus Conversion

Autocar, August 6, 1986

DMC Lotus Conversion

Owners who expected their DeLoreans to be an investment have been disappointed, but values are expected to rise soon. Contrary to some predictions, the cars have turned out to be reliable, with the exception of a handful of components.

full article Tamir

"The car appears to look somewhat stock. The addition of a rear spoiler, custom pinstripes, and new rims/tires still doesn't grab the attention of what the car holds beneath the louvers and engine cover."

Autocar - Aug. 6, 1986

Project Vixen

The difference between mid and rear engine location means 6.5 lb in weight distribution. That’s about as much as a heavy sandwich… - JZD

full article John Z. DeLorean

"That is definitely not stock! Sitting in the engine bay is a 1997 Lotus Esprit V8 Twin Turbo engine just begging to be opened up on a straight stretch of road. Notice the attention to detail in terms of fit and display. The engine is garnered with a custom electronic junction cover and SS coolant tank."

Autocar - Jan. 1, 1983

DMC Lotus Conversion

A few cars have found their way to Britain via Northern Ireland – bought at auction as investments, showroom traffic stimulators or simply for curiosity value. Right-hand drive variants, shorn of the performance-sapping emission control equipment required for the US, are even rarer in the UK.

full article Ilan

"When you thought it couldn't get better, take a look at the undercarriage. Breathtaking is one word that comes to mind. The exhaust system uses Borla mufflers and 3" tubes all custom built and perfectly hidden underneath the car. Press here to see a close up of the Lotus transmission."

UK Metro March 2004

Lotus Conversion

With a factory damaged during the Bobby Sands riots and a recession looming, creditors and Thatcher's government were keen to recoup the money ploughed into the venture, and DMC was placed in receivership, despite continuing high demand for the car.

full article Robert

"Extensive frame modification had to be done to fit and mount the engine in the rear of the car. The transmission is Lotus, and it uses the same case as a DeLorean, with a Quaife Limited Slip Differential installed. Notice the two charge coolers straddling the transmission. Each turbo was reworked to add 40% more air flow, boosting the cars horsepower to approximately 500 Horses!"

Sporting Cars (Nov. 1981)

DMC Lotus Conversion

Acceleration just isn't as much as one would expect from the 2.8 liter version of the V6 engine made by the Peugeot-Renault-Volvo consortium. The five-speed gearchanges is firm yet slick with its close ratios. For the type of performance you or I might expect, a lot of second and third gear work is necessary.

full article Tamir

"The rear end is definitely something most people better get used to seeing, since this car will be leaving most people in the smoke. I love the way the rear end looks with the custom exhaust setup and the Lotus oil pan, very sharp."

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