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dmc 2

DeLorean 2
DMC 2 Watch Tamir

"Above is proof that a new DeLorean may be in the making. Press on the informal contract for more details on the DMC2 watch that is being sold for close to $3,000 to help finance the new cars."

Special Interest Autos June 1995

The DMC 2

John DeLorean had a remarkable career at General Motors, as his detractors as well as his admirers will admit. At 40, he was the youngest man to head up a GM division - Chevrolet. He gets credit, rightly or wrongly, for starting the muscle-car with the introduction of the Pontiac GTO.

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"Above is a picture of the new Super car DeLorean is planning on producing. It will cost close to one million dollars and will be powered by a 1250 horsepower engine!"

Motor Trend April 1982

The DMC 2

The Peugeot-Renault-Volvo (PRV) 2849cc V-6 dangling out past the rear axle can become a mighty pendulum in the hands of an inexperienced pilot. But that isn't going to be a major concern to most DeLorean drivers; handled with respect, the DeLorean can be a blast to drive.

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"DeLorean has not released pictures of the $20,000 car he plans on producing, but says it will be composed of a special carbon fiber substance that will give it a very rigid and safe structure."

Road & Track, December 1981

The DMC 2

There's nothing like the feel and aroma of leather in a car interior and DeLorean has done a wise thing in upholstering the seats of his car with this natural material, while covering the door panels and dash with vinyl.

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"To find out more information on this project, check out my official page."

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