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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Maintenance 1999

Maintenance 1999


  • Remove fuel pump from trunk, assemble new pump, lines, and wiring and install in tank, check for leaks - OK, remove old fuel filter, change fittings over to new filter and install filter in fuel line, run car, check for leaks - OK, bleed cooling system.


  • Remove trans to replace clutch, fix leaking right front brake line, clean all hardware for transmission and mounts, remove emergency brake cable to remove trans, remover clutch and flywheel, send flywheel out for re-surfacing, clean and change throw out bag.
  • Remove oil pan from engine, degrease engine block and chassis, undercoat chassis crossmember and uni-body areas dissolved by oil leak, degrease and steam clean trans, blast and paint transmission and oil pan aluminum silver.
  • Clean up bolts for oil pan, clean and paint ½ shafts, clean, blast and paint starter shield and inspection covers, modify wiring to fuel sending unit to clear cover.
  • Install oil pan, replace rear main seal, install flywheel and torque to spec., install/align clutch and pressure plate.
  • Install transmission in car, install trans mounts, hook up shift linkage and cable, re-install emergency brake cable on right side, install ½ shafts, install new clutch master cylinder, bleed clutch cylinder and slave.
  • Finish up clutch installation, check all mounting points for transaxle engine mounts, install panel for covering brake cable, undercoat parts of belly pan, fill engine with oil, start up run test, adjust idle speed, test clutch.
  • Test drive car after new clutch installation, brakes pulling car to left, check right front caliper, bleed air out of line on right front, check oil pan for slight leak, re-tighten pan bolts, remove left side valve cover, blast and paint aluminum silver.
  • Install left side valve cover and new gasket, remount A/C compressor, fuel idle regulator and all vacuum hoses, remove right side valve cover, clean blast and paint, re-install right side valve cover and new gasket, detail engine components to blend with painted valve covers.
  • Check out vents - non-functioning, remove center console, shift boot and knob, radio, heater panel, remove and disassemble vacuum switch heat and A/C controls, lubricate and reassemble, test all vacuum servos to see if working properly, OK, reassemble console, radio, etc.
  • Dismount all four tires, clean old stick on weights and adhesive off and mount new tires, balance and mount on car, test drive car.
  • Complete detail of car, carpets cleaned, seals lubricated, old tires stored.


  • Replaced both tail light circuit boards with new boards made out of 24 karat gold plated harness contacts and an anticorrosion coating for extra protection.
  • Cleaned license plate lights and replaced screws with stainless steel ones.
  • Replaced one uni-cap.
  • Modified fan switch with new fuses and PJ Grady's Fanzilla unit, tested, OK.
  • Cleaned floor mats, detailed undercarriage, rims, engine, and exterior of car.


  • Installed PJ Grady's Lockzilla, tested, OK.


  • Installed PJ Grady's remote keyless door entry system, tested, OK.

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