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Tamir's DeLorean

Giugiaro's design for the DMC-12 interior is the best part of the car. The interior is built to accommodate large persons. Collins is six-foot-four, so the twin bucket seats of the car he designed are extremely comfortable for people of all sizes.

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"Notice how my car has a two-tone interior. The original owner dyed the seats and change holder black. I liked this a lot but the seats were starting to look a little aged, so I recently had them reupholstered with NOS black leather seats."

DMC Interior
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John Z. DeLorean

"The original Delorean speedometer reached 85 mph due to government restrictions at the time. Press on the video reel above to see a movie of my stick shift and gauges in action!"

Look August 25, 1970

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In an interview, DeLorean likes to shake up a reporter. Seemingly serious, he commented on Vega's sales potential overseas. "It's so much better than most of the foreign cars, we're going to whip their asses in their own market."

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"My speedometer has been upgraded to the 170 mph version."

Road & Track December 1981

Tamir's DeLorean

The rear quarter vision is better than expected for a mid/rear-engine car, however. Looking straight back through the louvers of the read deck covering is somewhat like being far-sighted: You can see things off in the distance fairly well but up-close vision is limited, so parking can be a challenge.

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"Has your rear window fallen out yet? If not, I am sure it will."

Car and Driver May 1981

Tamir's DeLorean

Another sharp contrast is the DeLorean's zoomy exterior versus its prosaic interior. Bucket seats, round dials, a hohum steering wheel - there's not a single holographic display or laser beam in sight. The trim is far more test-tube than you'd expect at this price, the visual trip a bit disappointing after the spacey, stainless, gull-wing preflight build-up.

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"At one point the Delorean factory employed 2,600 workers."

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