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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Hibernation


This section takes a look at my Delorean when it is not on the road. I keep it protected at all times with this custom made Delorean cover.

Car and Driver May 1981

Tamir's DeLorean

There seems to be a reasonable chance that DeLorean's "instant GM" empire, which includes plans for sedans, buses, and maybe even taxicabs, can succeed, although some critics have compared his venture to the undercapitalized, ill-fated Bricklin project.

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"I love the way the car looks with the cover on, it makes it look sleak."

United Mainliner, February 1981

Tamir's DeLorean

Whether he succeeds or fails depends on how well it is accepted by potential buyers, as well as on other factors beyond his control such as interest rates and the country's economic health in general.

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"Tamir, you should really do something about cleaning up the garage a little more, the Delorean deserves better."

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