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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Maintenance 1994

Maintenance 1994


  • Painted battery compartment flat black, polished exterior stainless steel skin with stainless steel polish, waxed all exterior fiberglass, applied PDQ vinyl protectant to exterior rubber, cleaned windows.


  • Started and ran car for fifteen minutes, no condensation noted.


  • Installed battery tender leads on battery.


  • Started and ran for 15 minutes.


  • Oil and filter change miles 9010. Exterior skin waxed and polished. Interior cleaned and lexoled. New stainless steal bolts in rear, other bolts painted and oiled, rear latch re-glued and fixed, doors weather striping re-glued, drivers window relined and put in track, drivers door clips replaced, spark plug pulled and OK, check at later time, undercarriage detailed, intake manifold cleaned.
  • Idle was set note (watch electrical contact). Idle air mixture rubber stopper was ordered and installed, spare tire was filled, fuel pump was checked and is fine.


  • Started and ran for 15 minutes. Car was also moved.


  • Started and ran for 15 minutes.

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