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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Maintenance 1997

Maintenance 1997


  • Replaced battery in Delorean.


  • Removed drivers side headliner and sent out for refurbishing. Installed headliner.


  • Change oil, check clutch slave cylinder line, check rear brakes, remove front rotors.
  • Machine front rotors and reinstall rotors, calipers, and wheels, adjust headlights, repair oil leak at front of engine, disassemble left door panels, repair window track, remove clutch slave cylinder line.
  • Fabricate steel line for clutch slave cylinder from front of car to rear, bleed system, test drive car, install cover in trunk and seal with RTV.
  • Fix catch on rear hatch, glue weather strips around doors and trunk, remove headliner parts, replace antirattle strip on right door window, clean rough spots on antenna and lubricate, disassemble interior to find noise in rear, repair door pull strap.
  • Replace turn lamp pig tails and repair socket, clean and touch up wheels/paint.
  • Remove old interior hold down clips for door trim pieces, modify clips in stock to fit trim pieces, glue fabric back down and reinstall trim.
  • Remove old hold down clips from left and right door panels, install new clips and glue fabric down into place, assemble both doors.
  • Cut and glue velcro to console back corner, cut and screw velcro to carpet to hold console edges in closer to tunnel.
  • Coat fabric on ceiling panel with glue, install headliner, install weatherstrip on edges, install sun visors.
  • Wash outside of car, clean tires, wheel wells, windows, wipe down interior, vacuum carpet.

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