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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Maintenance 1993

Maintenance 1993


  • Pulled car from storage, washed cover and began detailing.
  • Engine oil changed, Transmission oil changed, replaced louver shocks, installed new license plate frames and new license plates, start working on engine detail.
  • Repaired drivers side power window-off track, repaired power mirror on passenger side-loose wires, replaced lug nuts on all wheels, cleaned and painted Delorean trunk, cleaned floor mats in Delorean, refinished Delorean seats.
  • Seats pulled and carpet shampooed, seats dyed black, all leather conditioned, vinyl pieces treated, power antenna lubricated, seats reinstalled and discolored bolts replaced on undercarriage.


  • Installed new battery and started engine detail.
  • Replaced spark plugs in Delorean.
  • Engine detail: Replaced all decals in engine compartment, replaced air filter, cleaned and armouralled all hoses in engine compartment, cleaned block under air cleaner, painted clips on engine cover, sanded and polished engine cover hold up, cleaned plastic wire plugs along fire wall, replaced decals in trunk.


  • Removed rear headliner panel, sent out for refinishing with new fabric, installed headliner when returned, replaced front and rear shocks after sandblasting and painting supporting parts, (Note: Creaks and groans are related to dry totted bushings suspension will need rebuilding at a later date), replaced front hood release cable, replaced left rear wheel stud due to stripped threads, checked engine running condition: replaced plugs, wires, cap, rotor, filters. Removed valve covers and adjusted valves, scope and set to specifications, gas in tank old and needs to be driven out, blasted and refinished valve covers, steam cleaned underneath of engine and frame, replaced leaking oil sensor on engine, replace O2 sensor on exhaust manifold, replaced rusted heat shield under catalytic converter, replaced both fan belts due to dry rot.
  • Removed engine hatch cover, removed factory retaining bars holding grille work, applied special adhesive to hatch and grille work to hatch, repainted matte black to match.
  • Undercarriage detail, undercoated wheel wells, steering reinforcement bars, rear axles, and frame surrounding engine, painted disc brakes, transmission pan and oil pan with aluminum paint, removed heat shields and undercoated both sides.

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