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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Maintenance 1995

Maintenance 1995


  • Started and ran for 15 minutes, note-car was dead, reason unknown, keep eye on battery. Car was moved and bay was swept out.


  • Cleaned and ran for 10 or so miles, checklist was completed, notice gas gauge is stuck, and rattle is coming from drivers side top/half of seat belt, also noticed was a rattle from front drivers side wheel.


  • Installed battery tender leads on battery.


  • Car was started and ran for 15 minutes.


  • Car was started and ran for 15 minutes. Put new license plate in trunk.
  • Sanded and repainted trunk flat black, fixed floater in gas tank to fix gas gauge, took e-break switch off and rebuilt to fix e-break light.
  • Took door panel off to fix drivers side window. Added a brace and moved track to fix the window.
  • Started and ran for 15 minutes.


  • Started and ran for 15 minutes.
  • Took off wheels, first cleaned with hot water and soap, second looked for any rough spots and touched them up with the correct paint, third, inspected all the wheel wells for any broken or parts that had gone bad, checked out all breaks, fourth, all wheels were cleaned on backside, for the most part everything was perfect, just a little dirty.
  • Took off metal plate that covered gas tank, sanded, washed, rust-proofed, and painted, also added stainless steel bolts to replace old rusty ones, washed and painted underside of gas tank.

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