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People, December 24, 1984

Tamir's DeLorean

Like Gatsby, DeLorean tried to transform himself into a creature deserving of the world's admiration. He had his chin squared by surgery, worked almost obsessively on his physique and shaved his hairy legs.

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"The Trunk space of the DeLorean is a rather small 14 cu. feet."

Practical Classics April 2000

Tamir's DeLorean

DeLorean insisted the engine stay behind the rear wheels - where its weight and height would pose real problems for the ride and handling people. The reason? So an owner could get a full set of golf clubs behind the seats.

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"Why are you pumping gas in your windshield washer tank?"

Road & Track, July 1977

Tamir's DeLorean

The interior is nicely finished and detailed and this is also true of the carpeted front trunk. A spare tire is conspicuous by its absence ("I haven't solved that problem yet" - Bill Collins) and on production cars a portion of the now generous trunk will be consumed by the radiator.

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"Here is where the spare tire can be found. The funny thing about the DeLorean is that there isn't enough room to put the regular tires in the trunk. So if a blowout does occur, the rim will have to ride shotgun!"

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