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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Maintenance 2000

Maintenance 2000


  • Replaced all the decals with SS ones.


  • Replaced all gas struts.
  • Changed oil and oil filter.
  • Realigned Louver.
  • Replaced coolant tank with Stainless Steel one.


  • Replaced all coolant hoses throughout the entire car.
  • Replaced battery with Optima Spiracell (Red Top).
  • Replaced heater control module.
  • Touched up rims and rebalanced tires.


  • Removed hideous license plate from front of car.
  • Added custom black out headlight covers (Removable).
  • Fully detailed car, including undercarriage.


  • Changed oil and filter.
  • Replaced fuel uptake hose.
  • Detailed undercarriage.

DeLorean Maintenance Calendar

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