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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Memphis 2002

Memphis 2002

Car (June 1981)

2002 Memphis DeLorean Car Show

Depressed Belfast has produced waves of eager, able-bodied applicants - which is precisely why the British Government are backing John Z's efforts - but there is very little in the way of translatable work experience. And when it comes to building cars, particularly cars that are going to sell for a high price, there is simply no substitute for experience and expertise.

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"The trip to Memphis from Chicago started and ended in rain. I had the pleasure of driving behind Rich's project cars for part of the trip. But my need for speed caused me to go ahead of the pack eventually. :-) Press here for a cool shot of the convertible DeLorean at a gas stop."

AMI Auto World Weekly (April 10, 2001)

2002 Memphis DeLorean Car Show

DeLorean was 6 feet 4, reed thin, with pale blue eyes and the face and physique of a Greek god. He worked out at Vic Tanny, rode horses and motorcycles, raced go-karts, and played mean games of tennis and golf.

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"Here is a glorious shot of the Heartbreak Hotel. This is where the bulk of the show was held. Press here for another shot of the hotel that housed the majority of the DeLorean owners attending the show."

Memphis 2002 Car Show 04
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Stephen Clark Speech [0.8 MB]

"Thursday night started off with a southern BBQ chicken dinner along with presentations made by a 3M representative, and Bob Zilla. Over $1,500 was donated towards the Michael J. Fox Foundation, headed by Bob Zilla's raffles. Download the video clip to hear some of the speech given by BTTF guru, Stephen Clark."

Automobile (Feb. 1996)

2002 Memphis DeLorean Car Show

They wanted to like the DeLorean, but American enthusiast magazines criticized its "dark, claustrophobic interior," mushy suspension, and lack of horsepower. Very little testing had been done, so when the cars did arrive, they were plagued with electrical maladies, squeaking fiberglass underbody parts, and loose-fitting switchgear.

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"Friday began with a driving tour of the Memphis area. One of the highlights of the three hour drive was the Sun Studio tour. This is where Elvis began his career, recording his first album. Press here to see the entrance to the Memphis Botanical Gardens, another great stop during the tour."

Memphis 2002 Car Show 04
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DMCs in front of Parking Lot [0.6 MB]
John Z. DeLorean

"Friday night's dinner was held at the Hollywood Casino. The DeLoreans were huddled together in the casinos parking lot as their owners were living it up in the hotel. Press here or download the video clip for more shots of this great display of DeLoreans. Too bad I wasn't there."

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