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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Memphis 2002

Memphis 2002

Signature Nov. 1972

2002 Memphis DeLorean Car Show

In the man are still traces of the introverted young insurance salesman. His extreme speed of perception sets John DeLorean apart from those who would like to keep pace with him on a personal level.

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"It was fitting to hold the Friday night dinner at the Hollywood Casino, since they actually have a DeLorean dressed up as the Back To The Future car in the casino. Not the best BTTF car I have seen, but it is nice to see a DeLorean being displayed as a permanent piece."

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Memphis 2002 Car Show 04
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"The ballroom was very spacious and the food was great. Live entertainment was provided and speeches were given throughout the night. Press here to see a shot of the cars that we ate next to. Download the video clip to check out the mood of the night."

Classic & Sports Car March 1997

2002 Memphis DeLorean Car Show

Well, DeLorean is out of prison largely because, apart from a few days on remand, he never went in. He wasn't even convicted, gaining acquittal when it became clear the FBI had used illegal entrapment methods to snare him.

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"Like other DeLorean owners, my favorite movie is Back To The Future. Stephen Clark from bttf.com put together a great display of goods for sale. Press here to see some of the cool items for sale."

The Car No. 49

2002 Memphis DeLorean Car Show

DeLorean never claimed that the car was intended to be an out and out sports car (although paradoxically it was sold as the DeLorean Sports), but as a sports coupé for the upwardly mobile 30 - 40 year-olds. As one ad (The DeLorean - Live the Dream) put it 'It all began with one man's vision of the perfect personal luxury car'.

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"PJ Grady gave a well attended tech. discussion before dinner was served. This was a question and answer session that touched on issues ranging from trailing arm bolts to transmission problems. Very exciting stuff! :-)."

Memphis 2002 Car Show 04
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"Here is George Crane, an ex-factory worker who was flown in from Northern Ireland to talk about his days at the factory. This had the potential to be great, but unfortunately, as you will hear from the video clip, the audience did not give George the attention he deserved, and that is too bad. Press here to see the layout of George's video presentation."

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