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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Houston 2003

Houston 2003

Popular Classics (Sept. 1993)

2003 Houston DeLorean Car Show

The plan to provide jobs had been a costly one: at its height, the DMC factory employed 2500 people, at a cost to the Government of £34,000 per job created, most of which lasted less than a year. In February 1982 a receiver was appointed and the factory went on to short-time working. By the end of October the factory was closed and the dream was over.

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"My web-site correspondent Rich Weissensel once again filled in for me at the 2003 DMC Houston DeLorean Open House that took place in August, many thanks. :) DMC Houston finally moved to their beautiful new facility. Press here for a picture of the outside of the building."

Autoweek (Feb. 11, 1980)

2003 Houston DeLorean Car Show

DeLorean has touted the car as "an American sports car." It is clearly not. Despite the creature comforts aimed at the U.S. market, the DMC-12 is a car that is best suited for enthusiasts who appreciate the subtleties of automechanical orchestration. It is a car for drivers who will not kill themselves by panicking the first time they come face-to-face with a caffeine-crazed trucker at the apex of a hairpin turn.

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"The new showroom is very spacious and boasts lots of gift items and a few DeLoreans for display purposes."

Popular Mechanics (May 1982)

2003 Houston DeLorean Car Show

Owners don't seem quite ready to rush out and buy another DeLorean. Only 63.7 percent said they'd buy the car again. That's quote a low figure, but you have to realize why. A good many owners told us that repurchase would depend on what else is available at the time.

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"Here Stephen Wynne welcomes all the DeLorean owners to the new facility. Press here to see the new spacious workspace with the car lifts. This is certainly a big upgrade from the old cramped facility."

The Car (No. 49)

2003 Houston DeLorean Car Show

While his choice of gullwing doors and stainless steel showed DeLorean's capacity for blind optimism and wishful thinking, his choice of designer showed the soundest sense - Giorgetto Giugiaro was precisely the man for the job, with cars like the De Tomaso Mangusta, Maserati Ghibli, Fiat Dino and Lotus Esprit to his name.

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"I am happy to report that you don't have to worry about not having enough doors for the future Tamir! :) It was very impressive to see all the parts so well organized throughout the warehouse. Press on the images below to see all the transmission, seats, and engines stacked to the ceiling."

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The Bellingham Herald (Oct. 20, 1982)

2003 Houston DeLorean Car Show

DeLorean, son of an auto assembly worker, became the youngest general manager in the history of G. M. Corp. when he took over the Pontiac Division in 1965. He rose to a $650,000 a year vice presidency before resigning in 1973 after a dispute over the company's direction.

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"This is pretty cool. This is the whole underbody drilling jig to secure the SS body panels to ensure the correct spacing for proper alignment of the panels. Press here to see another shot of this beast."

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