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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Cincinnatti 1998

Cincinnatti 1998

Road & Track Sept. 1980

1998 Cincinnati DeLorean Car Show

Actually, Northern Ireland has certain advantages for a manufacturer. There is an abundance of labor because of a serious unemployment problem and there is easy access to all the European suppliers.

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"The Cincinnati Delorean Car Show was held from June 12th to the 14th in 1998. Over 70 Deloreans gathered for this show from all parts of the country."

Crossroads March-April 1981

1998 Cincinnati DeLorean Car Show

Despite his controversial lifestyle and continuing differences with upper management, his exemplary performance at Chevrolet was rewarded in 1972 when he was appointed group vice president in charge of all GM's U.S. car and truck operations.

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"They all look the same. How does anyone find their own car?"

Motor Trend June 1981

1998 Cincinnati DeLorean Car Show

Thanks to the extensive use of leather and excellence of the seat design, the interior produces and initial impression of high quality, an impression that is reinforced when one actually snuggles down into the driver's seat.

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"1...2...3...4...5...Wow, look at all those Deloreans."

Car and Driver July 1977

1998 Cincinnati DeLorean Car Show

It is the intent of both Collins and DeLorean not to invent anything. They're not looking to build a car with all new components. Just the opposite, they hope to use shelf items everywhere they can: engine, transmission, brakes, suspension parts and steering gear to name the major items.

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