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Tamir's DeLorean Site: British Car Show 1999

British Car Show 1999

Road & Track June 1980

1999 British DeLorean Car Show

On the subject of rust, one of the jokes going around about the DeLorean is that each owner will be issued a Brillo pad for polishing. DMC Chief Engineer Michael Loasby warns that would be a serious error because scouring would leave small bits of metal that would rust and discolor the finish.

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"Another good turn out for the annual British Car Show in Des Plaines, Illinois."

Playboy Oct. 1985

1999 British DeLorean Car Show

For much of his life at G.M., he fit the corporate mold. But then came a divorce from his first wife, frequent trips to California and the squiring of such ladies as Ursula Andress and Candice Bergen. He developed a reputation for flashy dressing and, even more shocking to corporate sensibilities, he drove and imported Italian sports car instead of a Corvette.

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"There were lots of great cars at the show, including Jaguar's, Lotus's, Rolls Royce's, and many more British cars."

Car and Driver Dec. 1981

1999 British DeLorean Car Show

The instrument markings in the car from Northern Ireland are a touch heavy-handed, but the display is clear and logical, as complete as the rest of the interior. With all the expected trappings of comfort and entertainment, only the unreasonable could go away displeased with DeLorean's ergonomic success.

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