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Tamir's DeLorean Site: British Car Show 1998

British Car Show 1998

Sports Car Graphic Summer 1981

1998 British DeLorean Car Show

The Lotus connection has been worth whatever it cost (and our informal understanding is that the cost has been far from cheap). Instead of being tail-happy, the DeLorean exhibits a nice, predictable, progressive understeer.

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"I remember that day. These three pictures were taken at the 1998 British Car Show in Des Plaines, Illinois."

Time Nov. 1, 1982

1998 British DeLorean Car Show

They say that DeLorean sort of resembled a car even before he built the DeLorean. His name sounds as much like a car's as a man's. He sought to be judged by performance. He changed his physical appearance, his "model," from time to time to suit the fashion.

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"Hey, that's my brother's car down there."

Motor Trend Dec. 1981

1998 British DeLorean Car Show

This car is a curiosity, a status symbol, as demonstrated by prices pushed far beyond the factory's suggested $25,000. Whatever the car does or doesn't do on the road, it must be considered an initial marketing success.

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