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Crank Yankers (2005)

This comedy show uses puppets and real crank calls. In this clip a guy is calling a job agency to find work. In the background a DeLorean and Ferrari poster can be seen throughout the clip. The poor guy calling the agency really gets his leg pulled, I feel sorry for him at some points.

Eerie Indiana (1991)

This fun show covers the adventures of a young boy who just moved to a very bizzare town, Eerie Indiana. In the episode "Reality Takes A Holiday," a DeLorean is used by one of the characters. Pay close attention to the sound effect of the DeLorean pulling to a stop and the doors opening. Sound familiar? It is the same sound effect used from "Back To The Future." Bob Gale tipped me off to this fun fact when we spoke recently, and he was not very pleased that the sound editor did this. From then on he made sure those sound effects, which were specifically made for BTTF, were not used anywhere else as stock sound effects.

Fox's Family Guy (2004)

Family Guy is an adult formatted cartoon show. In this episode (One if by Clam, Two if by Sea), a short DeLorean sighting takes place to show the change from the seventies to the eighties.

I'm With Busey (2003)

This random Comedy Central show takes comedy writer Adam De La Peña and pairs him up with actor Gary Busey. In this episode Adam takes Gary to a robot factory to show him some cool stuff. At the end they get into a random DeLorean.

VH1 - Dashboard Dreams (2004)

Dashboard Dreams was a special about how the automobile has been reflected through music over the last few decades. There is a small DeLorean sighting when going over some 80's music.

Monster Garage Backyard Monsters (2004)

This Monster Garage show profiled several projects that were being built away from the Monster Garage studio in California. Rich W. and a team of DeLorean owners help build the GT40 Rock Crawler in this episode. Many DeLoreans were seen throughout the episode as well.

Monster Garage Hovercraft Episode (2004)

Discovery Channel certainly likes Rich W. This episode is entirely devoted to building a hovercraft out of a DeLorean. But Rich and his team of experts end up running into an angry Jesse James who felt like being an ass-hole throughout most of the episode. Always good to have some DeLorean exposure though in my opinion.

Discovery Channel Monster Nation (2005)

This was a delight to see. A very positive segment with Rich W. and his project cars. The producer interviewed Rich W. about all the projects he has in his collection. A decent amount of footage was used from my web-site as well, which is always nice to see. Now if only people could stop misspelling DeLorean in the credits! ;)

CBS - Cold Case (2004)

This detective show on CBS dealt with an episode that went back to the mid 80's. In doing so, one of the main characters drives a DeLorean. The car was seen in many scenes of the episode. Notice the third brake light on the louver, doesn't make much sense for a car back in 1984, oops. :)

VH1 - I Love the 80's: 1981 (2002)

This series of ten shows, each one covering a specific year tries to highlight the main events and fads during the 1980's. The people they use to comment on the pop culture stuff are idiotic comedians/actors, so there are not many factual things on the DeLorean. The only saving grace is that they used good footage of the car, since most of it was taken from my Eurofest Video. :)

VH1 - I Love the 80's: 1985 (2002)

This ten episode series covers the most popular trends and pop culture aspects of the 80's, so of course when 1985 comes around, they talk about the movie, Back To The Future. This segment is great, since everything is very positive and there is a pretty funny discussion with Lea Thompson.

Legends of the Road (2001)

This ESPN2 show profiles one car per episode. The producers focused on the DeLorean in this episode, utilizing DMC Joe's expertise throughout the show.

Oprah (2001)

Cristina Ferrare is the focus of a five minute segment at the end of an Oprah show. In the segment, she makes reference (with video clips) of her relationship with John.

Just Shoot Me (2000)

This episode features a DeLorean briefly, in a rather humorous manner. Nina recalls a time in her life when she had accidentaly hit someone with her DeLorean, which she now realizes is one of her co-workers. Watch the accident take place in this clip.

Daffy Duck's a Car Salesman (1984)

This funny and interesting clip is of Daffy Duck selling DeLoreans at a used car lot. He mentions that a free pack of soda is added to any car bought, a joke used by some who tried to sell their cars with six packs of Coca Cola, not very funny!

Hemmings Road Show (2001)

A weekly magazine show for classic cars that discusses the worth of collectibles and the history of certain cars.

Miami Vice: "Glades" (1986)

This unrealistic cop show of the 80's used many exotic sports cars, including the DeLorean. Take a look at the clip and count how many DeLoreans you see in the shot!

Classic Car and Driver (2000)

This weekly magazine show chose the DeLorean to be its Classic Car and Driver centerpiece. The review is rather nice and wow, the car still looks great even after 20 years.

Pulling Power (1999)

This European television show took a look at the Delorean and was successful in giving both views in which the car can be looked at. Take a look at the clip to understand where I am coming from.

Driving Passions (1999)

This show devoted a small section of time to the Delorean. The review was very honest and highlighted some of the good aspects to the Delorean.

Enterprise - The Start-Up (1981)

This show is interesting and discusses the risk John Z. Delorean was taking on starting up a new company.

Bay City Limits (1985)

This show in the Bay area was shot during Mr. Delorean's Autobiography selling tour. Hearing Mr. Delorean's side of the story was very interesting.

MotorWeek (1982)

This weekly show does a nice job critiquing the Delorean. The show is very positive about the car and highlights its good and bad points well.

Miami Vice (1988)

This unrealistic cop show uses a Delorean as a drug dealers car. The scene shown is during a money/drug deal.

FOX - The Simpsons (1996)

The title of this Simpsons episode is "A fish called Selma." The episode features Troy McClure, a has been movie star who drives a Delorean. The car is only shown in a few shots of the show, but is drawn rather well for a cartoon.

Top Gear (2000)

This weekly British show concentrates on test driving cars and is quite informative. This episode entailed an interview with a man who has a large collection of cars from movies.

Matlock (1988)

This episode is titled, "The Lemon." This is referring sadly enough to a Delorean that Don Knots purchases from a used car dealer in the episode. The Delorean is only in the show a small amount of time, but gets a bad reputation nonetheless.

Back To The Future Cartoons (1991/1992)

hese were great. They were only on for two years I believe, and ran every Saturday morning. The clip captures most of the opening theme seen on every episode. Christopher Lloyd actually shot opening and closing scenes for each show in which a science lesson of some sorts would be taught.

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