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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Miscellaneous Videos

Miscellaneous Videos

ABC - Detroit News (1984)

This news clip is from the ten o'clock news on ABC in Detroit the day John DeLorean was found not guilty in the cocaine trial. Very interesting to hear DeLorean's comments and see his reaction after the trial. - file size: 11 meg.

Channel 4 News - Detroit (1983)

Channel 4 News of Detroit, much like the other news channels across the country were following the DeLorean story very closely. This news clip puts together some of the events that were occurring before the drug trial began. - file size: 12 meg.

NBC - Extra (2004)

After Johnny Carson's unfortunate death, many programs ran specials on his life and career. The TV show "Extra" ran a segment and part of it talked about some of Carson's investments. He put $500K dollars into DeLorean Motor Company originally and was later given one of his own DeLoreans.

MTV Promo Clip (2004)

Here is a short MTV promo clip for the upcoming MTV2 awards of 2004. They did a Miami Vice spoof, pretty funny stuff.

Motor Sports Unlimited (2003)

Motor Sports Unlimited is a local Illinois cable access show hosted by Bill Wildt. At the World of Wheels show in 2003, Rich W. had a short interview with Bill about the DRex. Notice the fine interviewing skills of flamingo girl #1. ;)

WGN's Weather In A Minute (2004)

WGN Superstation has its local affiliation in Chicago. In the morning show they have a segment once in awhile called "Weather In A Minute." With the help of Rich W.'s stock DeLorean, the news team puts together a mock Back To The Future scenario involving President Lincoln.

WGN's DREX Feature (2004)

For this morning segment, "If It's Big, We'll Put It On TV," Rich W. brought out the big boys. The news team get to show off the D REX and the GT40 Rock Crawler.

WGN's Greatest Minute Ever (2004)

Later on in the year, the news team voted Rich's Abraham Lincoln BTTF spoof weather segment as the greatest weather in a minute ever. So the news team replayed the original "Weather In a Minute" segment in a condensed form.

VH1 Christmas Clip (2003)

Just a random VH1 Christmas clip that they played promoting their station. Notice how they stuffed all the presents into the engine compartment of the paper cut out DeLorean.

NBC's The Tonight Show (2004)

Jay Leno was doing one of his comedy skits that involved having a tour guide take a couple around the back lot of Universal Studios. The tour guide was really ridiculous and had the couple take pictures of things that weren't exciting (like the red crappy car next to the BTTF DeLorean). A pretty funny segment I think.

Dolby Digital Intro (2004)

Before movies begin they usually have an audio introduction that shows off the theater's sound system capabilities. In this Dolby Digital Intro a DeLorean can be seen briefly buzzing by. Notice it in the still shot below.

ABC St. Patrick's Day Parade Footage (2003)

The local Chicago ABC affiliate also covers the parade. Check out some more footage of the cars cruising the main street from a nice high up view. Both networks gave out correct details about the cars and had nothing negative to say, quite a refreshing change from the usual commentary on the car.

WGN St. Patrick's Day Parade Footage (2003)

The Chicago St. Patrick's Day parade is a nationally televised event and is attended by a few thousand people. Check out this footage of the DeLorean Midwest Connection being a part of the parade. Kudos to anyone that can spot me during my split second appearance! :)

Channel 11 (KHOU) Houston News Segment (2002)

This local news station did a great piece on DMC Houston. In doing so, they helped clear up many myths about the car and gave it a very positive review. A nicely done segment.

Fox News - Fox and Friends (2002)

Watch Steve Doocy, co-host of Fox and Friends, interview Jim and K.C. from Charity Cars (www.charitycars.com). They discuss the famous cars featured in the cross-country Road Show Tour for charity. None of the cars are reproductions rather the originals from the movies.

VH1 Pop Up Video '80s (1999)

This compilation tape is a blast to watch, since it brings back the glory of the '80s. In doing so, the video covers the production of the DeLorean, with entertaining facts "popped" in and out of the footage.

Fast Cars & Beautiful Women (1984)

This funny video is something you would see being sold at a beer convention. The video showcases a few exotic sports cars from the 70's & 80's with "beautiful" women posing to them. The DeLorean is one of those cars so check out the clip!

Geneva Car Show (1981)

The Geneva Car Show was the first big debut for the DeLorean Motor Company. Take a look at the short clip to see a cute interaction between DeLorean and his wife.

Dealer and Press Banquet (1980)

This footage is extremely entertaining to watch, because the excitement shown by the dealers was very promising. It is also hilarious to hear some of the questions being dodged by the President of DMC.

Radio Interview in New Orleans (1980)

This interesting interview highlights some of DeLorean's accomplishments previous to the DeLorean car going into full production. DeLorean appears nervous in this interview and relates his views on GM's power to shut down his operation at any time.

Earth Day (1990)

This video contains a huge collection of celebrities preaching about the worlds need to save the earth from pollution. Doc Brown plays a funny role with the time machine throughout the film.

UTV News (1997)

This news station highlighted the Delorean Owners Association convention that was held in Northern Ireland.

36 MPH Crash Test (1981)

This video is really interesting and show that the air bags would not be very useful since the design of the steering wheel does not conform to the head hitting well.

40 MPH Crash Test (1981)

This was very disturbing footage to watch, since the C-bar actually splits in half, causing severe damage to the Delorean and the dummies too.

Factory Footage (1981)

This footage was shown during a dealers retreat and the voice in the clip is John Delorean's.

Dealer Film (1977/1978)

This film was shown to prospective dealers during the tour of the country with the prototype. The film would be shown and then the dealers would be able to see the real prototype. It was very effective in gaining dealership support.

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