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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Documentaries


BBC - Car crash (2004)

This amazing documentary covers the DeLorean story in a very in depth fashion by interviewing ex-factory and DeLorean Motor Company workers. Some of the footage found in the documentary is very rare and amazing to see.

UTV - Interview with John Z. DeLorean (1995)

An Irish reporter flew to the states in order to get this exclusive interview. The interviewer posed a lot of good questions and received some interesting answers by DeLorean.

History Channel - History's Greatest Blunders (1999)

Once again, the Delorean is associated with something not to glorious. The History Channel included the Delorean as being one of the biggest historical blunders. Although the show focuses a lot on the British's mistakes of handling the Delorean project well, it is still a sad retelling of events.

E! Entertainment - True Hollywod Story (1999)

Very sensationalized, but yet well done. This look at the man and car was very neutral but incorporated some cheesy segments. I only wished they had made it longer, since the program crammed a lot of stuff in only one hour.

BBC2 - The Car's The Star (1999)

One of the most colorfully done presentations on bashing the Delorean to the fullest extent. The host, Quentin Willson, goes out of his way to make the Delorean sound worse than it is. Obviously he was constipated that day.

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