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Tamir's DeLorean Site: 50k M. Test Car

50k M. Test Car

DeLorean Car
There is a new car on the road today. A car built with great care and
commitment; a car that defies convention and challenges the future.
The long-awaited transportation revolution has now begun,
and a leader has emerged to show us the way ... the DeLorean.

To understand the DeLorean many know today, we must look at the history of how the car was developed. This includes examining the hurdles during productionization, and the attempts made at building a car that was much different than the DeLorean we have sitting in our garages.

This section takes a look at some interesting facts pertaining to the issue of building the actual car.

Time Aug. 27, 1984

test car

Hopefully we can get the laws changed so that this type of conduct never happens again," said DeLorean after the verdict was announced. "Hopefully this terror and horror that me and my family have been through for the last two years won't be wasted".

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Real Media Movie Clip Download:
Test Car [1.8 MB]

"This is a special DeLorean since it was used in order to pass certain qualification tests to be admitted into the US. The car had to be driven at least 50 thousand miles. View a close-up shot of the extra lights the driving crew used as they drove this car around the clock. You may also download the video clip to see more of this car."

Road Test May 1981

test car

Inside, it's just as finished. It does not appear to be a collection of pieces from here, there, everywhere and whoknows where? It has its own steering wheel, not some racer-style thing picked out of a catalog. The instrumentation is its alone, and not a bunch of round gauges from still another catalog.

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"As you can imagine, the car took a beating from being driven around the clock for 50 thousand miles.
Make sure to check the car show section for an in depth video explanation of this car by an ex-DMC employee."

Motor Dec. 1, 1979

test car

Inside, the plushly finished two-seater will be equiped with air conditioning, tinted glass and a stereo radio/cassette player. Luggage will be accommodated under the front "bonnet", which also houses a compact get-you-home high pressure spare wheel and tyre.

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"Check out the microphone sticking out from above the glove box. I suppose that was used to record observations of the car's ability to hold up during the trip."

Sports Car Illustrated April 1988

test car

Banks has left the exterior and interior of the car absolutely stock, which only makes the changes more attractive. Under the rear deck Banks and crew shoehorned in a 3.8 liter Buick V6 that churns out about 525 horsepower at 14 to 16 pounds of boost through the twin turbo system. At a comfortable half-throttle, the DeLorean is running on six to eight pounds of boost and, according to one engineer intimately involved with the project, "I really don't want to be in it at full throttle!"

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"It is lucky the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum has this car available for show. The other test vehicle used didn't make it the whole distance; it took a nasty swipe into a tree rear first".

Inc. April 1983

test car

William Hapad, former DMC vice-president for communications and planning, agrees. "I'll tell you what he'll say in the courtroom" he told one reporter. "He'll say, 'I did it for the poor Irish Catholic workers who have been oppressed.' That will be his defense, and it's horseshit. He didn't care one iota for those people. All he cared about was John.

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"The DeLorean used a well-tested PRV engine, so it didn't need extra testing, which would have set back the sell date considerably. That would not have made me happy."

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