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Lamborghini Cheetah Project - Request Letter/Documents
Cheetah Cheetah Cheetah
Cheetah Cheetah

DeLorean was a name associated with integrity and success, and everybody wanted to work with him and his company. Here is an interesting request letter from the wife of an engineer/designer who made an all-purpose vehicle named the Cheetah, made by Lamborghini. Check out the pamphlet that shows the prototype vehicle that was made and DeLorean's response to this project. It is interesting to note that 300 of these were built between 1982 and 1990, and they were very expensive ($130,000). Remember as well that DeLorean was working on his own multi-purpose utility vehicle designed by LMC (Logan Machine Company) at the same time as well.

DMC Safety Vehicle
DMC Safety Vehicle DMC Safety Vehicle DMC Safety Vehicle
DMC Safety Vehicle DMC Safety Vehicle DMC Safety Vehicle
DMC Safety Vehicle

This rare document comes from the early pre-development stages of the DeLorean Motor Company. What is now known as the DMC, was once supposed to be named the DSV (DeLorean Safety Vehicle). DeLorean was looking for funding in all the right places, one such place being insurance companies. This pamphlet boasting new safety features convinced Allstate Insurance Company into investing $500,000 dollars into the project.

Certificate of Achievement
DMC Certificate of Achievement

This certificate was given to many employees after their technical training at the DeLorean factory in Northern Ireland was completed. This certificate was unused, which is why there is no factory worker's name in the space allotted.

DMC Memo: Quality Control Circles
DMC Memo: Quality Control Circles DMC Memo: Quality Control Circles

This DMC Inter-Office Memo is very interesting and says a lot for John DeLorean's foresight in the way the automotive industry was heading. Notice that quality control was something John was concerned about trying to get right more than eight months before the first DeLorean's rolled out of the assembly line. Read the accompanying article that John personally underlined and had attached to this memo.

DMC Sedan
DMC Sedan DMC Sedan

These extremely rare sketches were made by John DeLorean in November of 1979. They show early sketches of what the future DeLorean sedan may have been comprised of. In the first sketch, there appears to be the possibility that the seats may be reversed in the back so that the passengers sit facing the rear of the car, a most uncoventional method of design unless building a limo. What appears to be even more unconventional is the positioning of two flat four cylinder engines, one inf the front and one in the rear of the car. The second sketch shows a more conventional looking DeLorean sedan with many similar qualities to the sports car. The luggage and fuel tank would be up front, with the engine placed either mid transaxle or in the rear of the car. John was already foreseeing a turbo engine in the works, and was planning on carrying over many of the features from the sports car to the sedan.

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