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Miscellaneous Books

DeLorean: Gold Portfolio 1977-1995
Author: John Lamm
Publishing Date: 1995

This composition of magazine articles is well done and helps present a picture of how the media perceived the DeLorean from its prototype stages to its collapse.

On a clear day you can see General Motors (John Z. DeLorean's look inside the automobile giant)
Author: J. Patrick Wright
Publishing Date: 1979

This book is controversial because DeLorean pulled out of the project when he noticed it was becoming too negative towards GM.

The DeLorean Tapes: The Evidence
Author: The Sunday Times Insight
Publishing Date: 1985

This book is nothing more than all the discussions that took place between DeLorean and the disgusting FBI sting. It is an interesting read because it shows how horrible the Government was to DeLorean.

Cristina Ferrare Style (How to have it in every part of your life)
Author: Cristina Ferrare DeLorean & Sherry Suib Cohen
Publishing Date: 1984

This book is not DeLorean oriented, but interesting nonetheless. Cristina Ferrare discusses style of the early 80's and how to keep in shape in this coffee table book.

Motor Makers in Ireland
Author: John Moore
Publishing Date: 1982

John Moore provides detailed events about many car companies and inventions by Irish Engineers. Enthusiasts will find this book to be a distinctive contribution to Ireland's motor making contributions.

Review/Preview 85-86
Author: Tom Bonsall
Publishing Date: 1985

This book writes a nice article on Mr. DeLorean and his contributions to the muscle car era through his innovations on the GTO and much more.

The Big Book of Scandal!
Author: Jonathan Vankin
Publishing Date: 1998

This book takes true stories and retells them in a comic book format. There is a section on DeLorean that stretches the truth on the drug trial and is nothing more than something to laugh at because it is so trashy.

TU-R What You Drive
Author: Tom Couch
Publishing Date: 1987

Another weird book that has a small section on the DeLorean car. It pokes fun at the idea of a typical DeLorean owner.

Scandals: Gripping Accounts of the Exposed and Deposed
Author: Sean Callery
Publishing Date: 1992

This book takes a look at some high profile scandals. Of course the DeLorean scandal is written about. Nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual filth.

Elite Cars - An Exciting Look at the Most Expensive, Exotic, and Elegant Cars in the World
Author: Consumer Guide
Publishing Date: 1988

This book is pretty nice. It has an article on the DeLorean when it was in its early stages of development. You can view the article in the Various Articles subsection under the Articles section of this site.

Secrets of Automobile Photography
Author: Michael Antonick
Publishing Date: 1983

This book does a nice job of showing how to photograph cars. One of the cars they specifically focus on is the DeLorean. A lot of the pictures in the book contain photos used for the DeLorean brochures.

Journey Into Darkness
Author: Stephen L. Arrington
Publishing Date: 1996

This book covers Stephen Arrington's point of view about life in the narcotics trafficking business. He briefly describes John Z. DeLorean and his codefendant Morgan H., the airplane pilot. Not much about DeLorean, but still relates to the fiasco that has put a stain on DeLorean's reputation.

Automobile Quarterly
Publishing Date: 1982

This book is part of a series of books on automobiles. In this issue, Walt Woron chronicles the ambitions and at-best-limited successes of eight postwar maverick marques, among them Kaiser-Frazer, Bricklin, and DeLorean.

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