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The Maverick Mogul
Author: Hillel Levin
Publishing Date: 1983

Hillel Levin takes another crack at finding faults in Mr. DeLorean. He investigates the trials DeLorean goes through and attempts to give reasons for unanswered questions.

DeLorean - Stainless Steel Illusion
Author: John Lamm
Publishing Date: 1983

This book is very rare and considered one of the better books about the DeLorean car. It was originally written as a supplement to new DeLorean owners who bought the cars. When the company went under, the author decided to add negative sections to the book that touch on Mr. DeLorean.

Hard Driving - My years with John DeLorean
Author: William Haddad
Publishing Date: 1985

William Haddad worked with DeLorean for fifteen years as a consultant and eventually a top executive. He writes about the inside workings of big business and gives firsthand accounts of the DeLorean saga.

Dream Maker: The rise and fall of John Z. DeLorean
Author: Ivan Fallon & James Srodes
Publishing Date: 1985

This book attempts to piece together the complete life story of DeLorean up until 1983. It touches on his rise to power at GM, the DeLorean Motor Company, and the troubles that occurred.

Grand Delusions: The Cosmic Career of John DeLorean
Author: Hillel Levin
Publishing Date: 1983

Hillel Levin does a lot of investigative reporting in this book on DeLorean and his so called shady deals. This book was made to raise doubt about DeLorean's integrity.

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