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1981 US Open Promotion Poster
DMC US Open Poster

This poster was used to promote the DeLorean during the 1981 US Open in New York. These posters were displayed on the grounds of the tennis tournament. This form of advertising gives a nice look at the market DeLorean was trying to sell to. Tennis is usually seen as a sport for the wealthy, so this area may have been a beneficial market to advertise in.

1981 DeLorean Sports Car Specifications Leaflet
DMC Specifications DMC Specifications

This leaflet was used to promote the DeLorean when nearing its final stages of production. The statistics about the car and pictures show the actual production car, unlike some of the other propaganda pieces.

General Automobile Attributes Documentation
DMC General Attributes Document DMC General Attributes Document

This advertisement was used to document the general attributes of the DeLorean automobile. It may have been given to dealers and others interested in investing in the DeLorean Car Company.

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