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Tamir's DeLorean Site: New Jersey 1999

New Jersey 1999

Like something out of a dream, it was 1:30 in the afternoon and I was driving up Mr. DeLorean's two-mile driveway. I was extremely nervous and was still in shock that Mr. DeLorean had been gracious enough to allow me to come over to his house to meet him. The whole situation was very unexpected. I had flown to New Jersey to attend a family get together and decided that this may be my only chance to meet Mr. DeLorean.

I dug up enough courage to call him a week before I was coming and to my surprise he was neither irritated nor angry by me calling him. We had a brief discussion in which I introduced myself and let him know I was a young DeLorean owner who has been a fan of his since the young age of five. He told me to give him a call when I got to New Jersey and that we could work something out if he were not busy.

To say the least, I could barely keep my composure the week before going to New Jersey. I was still in shock that I had even spoken to Mr. DeLorean, let alone potentially meeting him. The weekend came and I was excited but yet realistic about the situation, knowing that he may be too busy to meet with me.

But, to his word, when I called Sunday morning, he let me know he would be happy to have me stop by his estate. I set the time and drove two hours up to his house. When pulling near the front entrance to the house I was extremely excited. The property around the home was absolutely stunning and was well complimented by the yellow Acura NSX sitting near the front door.

I rang the doorbell and Mr. DeLorean walked towards the screen door introducing himself and giving me a firm handshake. After talking briefly about why I had come to New Jersey for the weekend, I asked if he could sign some pictures I had enlarged of my DeLorean. He was kind enough to sign these pictures and his autobiography.

We then talked about my interests and what I was studying in College. I found it interesting how he had traveled to Israel many times in the past. The postcards I had sent him from Israel the following year for his Birthday instigated the discussion. I then asked him about the new car I had heard rumors about. He told me that the car would be made out of a special lightweight plastic and would have the signature DeLorean gull-wing doors. The performance aspect of the car would have zero to sixty times in the low three second range and the car would cost around $18,000.

After giving him a box of chocolates from Israel, he was kind enough to take a few pictures with me in front of his house and car. I then gave him my card to the web-site in hopes that he could see how much DeLorean owners like myself appreciate the work he has done. I then thanked him for allowing me to visit with him and departed.

As I drove off that day I was very pleased with the visit but had hoped I had more time to ask Mr. DeLorean specific questions I wanted cleared up. So, along with my thank you note to him, I wrote a few questions that he was polite enough to send back with short answers. To view these questions and answers go to the questionnaire section. The visit with Mr. DeLorean was a life long dream and I will never forget his graciousness and I thank him for being so outgoing with DeLorean owners.

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