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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Backside Series

Backside Series


The nearly impossible to find Backside to the Future DVDs - parts I & II. The only adult DVDs I've ever heard of featuring our favorite stainless steel wonders! All proceeds from the sales of these DVDs go towards the restoration of VIN #5927 (owned by Dave Stragand).

All orders are shipped in a plain box, with only return address for identification. You won't be added to any mailing lists. No obligation, and no salesmen will call, etc., etc.

Backside to the Future DVDs
Shipping is $3.85 in the U.S. / $6.00 International
For Customers in the USA:
Price: $20.00 + $3.85
For International Customers:
Price: $20.00 + $6.00

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