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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Eurofest 2001

Eurofest 2001

Eurofest 01
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Michael Loasby [3 MB]

"This is the DeLorean display at the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum. Press here for a description of this car as seen on display. The video clip also gives a historical account of this car from Michael Loasby, the DMC Director of Product Development."

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Car Life Aug. 1965

2001 Eurofest DeLorean Car Show

DeLorean admits to keeping close watch on the enthusiast magazines, or "buff books," in order to spot trends.

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"Here is a prototype Stainless Steel frame. Press here to see the wall montage at this exciting display. Press on the images below to see more shots of the DeLorean display at this musuem."

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Popular Mechanics June 1981

2001 Eurofest DeLorean Car Show

Unlike the vast majority of cars running on the road, the Delorean doesn't have a unitized body. Also, unlike some of the exotics, it doesn't use the race-car derived monocoque tub. Instead, it uses a separate chassis and body combination.

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"Check out that mosh pit of DeLoreans. Try getting your car out of there without a hover conversion unit! ;-)"

Later March 2001

2001 Eurofest DeLorean Car Show

Born in 1925 to Romanian immigrants, the fiercely ambitious DeLorean enjoyed a fast-track career to chief executive jobs at Chevrolet and General Motors.

full article John Z. DeLorean

"Here is the wooden mock up Giugiaro used to show me the final design of the production DeLorean versus the prototype DeLorean. I like what he did with it."

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Sports Car Illustrated April 1988

2001 Eurofest DeLorean Car Show

The DeLorean itself is quite a nice car. In fact, sitting in one in 1988, it seems a damn shame that the company had to come to such an ignominious end.

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"There I am hanging out in a split section DeLorean used to show off the molding process used to build the cars. Press here for a picture of me with one of the factory workers, a very nice fellow."

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