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AutoWeek October 19, 1992

Tamir's DeLorean

Entry via the gullwing doors is easy, and the leather-lined cabin is a rather friendly spot. Full instrumentation is housed in a binnacle on the dash, and the overall ergonomics are surprisingly good. The tiny "gun slit" windows take a little getting used to.

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"What would happen if you parked too close to a car, you couldn't open the gull-wing doors."

People January 7, 1980

Tamir's DeLorean

DeLorean himself is hardly the average internal-combustion tinkerer. A twice-divorced bon vivant whose romantic life has been as prodigious as his business career, DeLorean fled Detroit in part, he says because he was bored with it.

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"The only interior options for the Delorean were gray and black."

Sports Car Graphic Summer 1981

Tamir's DeLorean

The resulting interior layout is snug but roomy in the areas that count - legs, shoulders and head. The driving layout is excellent, everything within easy reach. The pedals lend themselves to classic heel-and-toe, which is useful since the synchros in the 5-speed we sampled were a bit slow.

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"How does that car perform with a helicopter engine in it?"

Special Interest Autos June 1995

Tamir's DeLorean

The car is low and the door sill is wide, so there is some hassle to get your backside into the deep leather bucket. But once in, the effect is worth the effort. We're talking the proverbial glove fit here coupled with an excellent driving position and plenty of leg and head room.

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"Press on the thumbnail to see John Z. DeLorean's signature on the inside of my glove compartment! He was kind enough to sign it at the DeLorean Car Show 2000 in Cleveland."

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