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Gold DeLoreans

VIN 20105

DMC Gold
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"The above picture is of the last DeLorean ever produced. It was built using the spare parts from the two American Express Catalogue DeLoreans built a year earlier. Download the video clip for a short video on the Gold DeLorean."

People April 16, 1984

DMC Gold

In his flamboyant career as head of, in turn, the Pontiac and Chevrolet divisions of General Motors Corp., John DeLorean became one of the few genuine celebrities the notoriously buttoned-down automobile industry ever produced.

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"Notice the Saddle Brown interior on this car. DeLorean had hoped to incorporate this option on regular production cars in the near future."

Newsweek, February 22 1982

DMC Gold

DeLorean says he built the additional cars because he had orders for them - and for many more. In a recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, DeLorean claimed to have orders for 5,072 cars - more than double the number sold since production started a year ago.

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"Notice the attention to detail. The 24 Karat Gold plating was not only done on the panels, but was extended to the rims and tailpipes."

Car and Driver, July 1982

DMC Gold

DeLorean and his creation appeared in ads for Cutty Sark and Goodyear. American Express offered gold-plated DeLoreans to its cardholders for a cool $85,000 (the company says two were actually sold).

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"There were originally 100 Gold DeLoreans scheduled to be produced for the American Express Christmas Catalogue, but only two were made."

DMC Gold

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