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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Sad DeLoreans

Sad DeLoreans

Practical Classics December 1997


You need forearms like Popeye to lug the steering wheel from side to side, especially at low speeds. Apparently DeLorean feared that overlight steering could become impossibly vague.

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"Look at the stainless steel finish though, pretty amazing that after sitting outside since 1988 the finish only needs some soap and water and it will look like new."

AutoWeek December 21, 1981


Not so ideally located is the DeLorean's gearbox, which is mounted atop the central portion of the X chassis. You have to bring your elbow well behind the plane of your body, rest it on the center beam and employ some rarely called upon muscles to accomplish gear changes.

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"The rear end sure looks sad. The fascia is sun damaged and the black plastic pieces have all been discolored. Hopefully this car will make it on the road again one day soon."

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