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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Sad DeLoreans

Sad DeLoreans

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"I like lowering DeLoreans, but this is just overkill. ;-) Seriously, this DeLorean's frame has been infiltrated by rust, so a removal was necessary. Download the video clip to see some interesting shots of this procedure."

GQ January 1982


"We ran out of money a number of times," DeLorean recalls. "I pretty much put all my liquid assets into the company." Included were such possessions, accumulated during the fat G.M. years, as a piece of football's Sand Diego Chargers. And he was partly kept afloat by the rise in real-estate values, selling off all but 50 acres of a 650-acre spread near San Diego.

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"During the removal process, there was some miscommunication about how much to loosen the frame bolts, thus the premature drop, oh well. The following image depicts a different angle of this wild experience."

AutoWeek December 21, 1981


Like the Bricklin, the DeLorean looks like it should be a great driving car, but fails to deliver on that promise vis a vis less exotic machinery from Detroit and overseas. Living with the DeLorean? We can think of more comfortable cars with much better performance that we'd prefer for everyday transportation, even if they don't have the sex appeal of the Belfast Beauty.

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"Thanks to a tip from Robert, we tracked down this sad DeLorean in a Las Vegas suburb driveway. This owner has left the car sitting here uncovered since 1988. Notice the damage near the wheel well."

Autocar June 13, 1981


A serious problem area is outward vision. Although the DeLorean is fine straight ahead, it is limited on the sides by the small windows in the door glass (the main glass is fixed, the small windows can be lowered). This undesirable arrangement is attributable to the gull-wing doors, which devote much of their interiors to complex mechanicals.

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"For those that haven't been to Vegas before, it gets very hot, and the sun is intense. The windshield has a wicked crack, and the interior has been nuked by the sun."

AutoWeek December 21, 1981


Entering the DeLorean requires a slight bit of both grace and coordination, as you must effectively "fold" yourself into the car while grasping the leather strap attached to the gullwing.

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"Look at the weather damage to the pontoon, pretty amazing. The passenger seat has literally melted from the damage, notice the foam showing underneath the leather."

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