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Tamir's DeLorean Site: Sad DeLoreans

Sad DeLoreans

Biography June 2000


At his 1984 trail, DeLorean's lawyers insisted he had been entrapped. While DeLorean never took the stand, unusual in a case of this sort, his defense was bolstered by the fact government agents admitted to destroying notes, withholding evidence, and other incriminating behavior.

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"Notice the damage to the firewall from the engine fire. The fuse and relay area doesn't look to good either."

Road Test June 1980


"It's bad enough that John is committed to a country which has no car assembly experience," says a sympathetic GM executive in Detroit, "But the IRA can make his life miserable with a bomb or two, and the track record of production quality in Britain is nothing to dance in Hyde Park about."

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"Here is a view from where the rear window would have been. The melted fiberglass is really interesting, but too bad the owner didn't have a fire extinguisher."

Newsweek Aug. 27, 1984


Despite dreams of someday returning to the automobile business, DeLorean asked grimly, "Would you buy a used car form me?" Selling used cars - or himself - may be the least of DeLorean's problems.

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"This DeLorean had an unfortunate turn for the worse on its way to the Eurofest. The owner wasn't used to driving on the left side of the road, so London wasn't the best place to test that out. Ouch!"

Popular Science March 1982


During testing we noted that the car's famous stainless-steel body picked up all kinds of markings, from fingerprints to the imprints of blue-jeans pockets. (Moral: Wear white gloves and don't sit on the fenders.)

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"Here is another view of this injured DeLorean. It makes me cringe when I see the SS lines crunched up like that."

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Crashed [0.8 MB]

"Eurofest saw more DeLoreans get injured unfortunately. This car found a slippery spot on the test track and just couldn't hold on. This image demonstrates the skid marks left by the car trying to correct itself. The video clip shows the events of this sad situation."

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