Ever since I was a young girl, I always loved cats. I got my first cats from my cousin; they were two red kittens, male and female. Since then I basically collected all the cats I could find in my neighborhood to my parents back yard.

Kfitzi and I

Now living with my husband, we have our own cats. We now have six cats. We moved from Israel to the USA at the end of June 2003 with our four cats, all were very brave on the journey. On May 16, 2004 we got two new Kittens, two Tonkinese brothers.
We used to feed and take care of many street cats in Israel, so we "adopted" more than just the gang we have in the house, now they live at a friend's back yard.

Gucci was our first cat, we got him in November 18th 1999 from a shelter, Tsoomi is British Blue and we have had him since July 14th 2000. Milki and Kfitzi, both British Color-point joined us on October 6th 2001. The lastest addition are Booli and Bissli, two Tonkinese brothers.